The Official Launch of PodcastPD: 2 Years in the Making

April 3rd 2015. What’s the significance of the date, you ask? Why, it’s the date that I started PodcastPD published my blog post; titled PodcastPD- A Series.

What started as a three-part series quickly morphed into a weekly Twitter chat hosted and moderated by Chris Nesi, AJ Bianco, and myself. We led the chat for nearly a year inviting guest moderators (podcast hosts and fans). Guest moderators included Jennifer Gonzalez, Brent Warner, Matt Miller, and podcast super-fan Derek Larson among others. Chris, AJ, and I even dabbled with a few live Twitter chats and on “off” weekends (breaks for holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) we recorded some of this content and released it as version 1.0 of PodcastPD: The Podcast.

Fast forward almost two years since its inception and PodcastPD is back! Hosted by AJ Bianco, Chris Nesi, and myself. We’re returning to the mics (though Chris never left his – check him out on House of #EdTech) and have re-organized and are ready to bring to you a new PodcastPD for 2017. Starting February 1st subscribe to PodcastPD on your favorite podcast catcher.

Listen bi-weekly as the three discuss trends in education and professional development. You won’t want to miss it!